Hola! Idle for months….

When was the last time I visited you? (talking to my blog)
well, when I say idle meaning “accomplished” things that I personally recognize as “great accomplishment”. I have been busy with my sewing projects…for couple of months I was soooo into it that I’ve been able to make 2 curtains at least for our living room that’s perfect for the spring and the coming summer. I made some pillow cases as well that I am so proud because my husband complimented my work that’s been made like a pro. 🙂
I bought a Brother sewing machine early in January from amazon that has one of the highest good reviews from the owners then I decided that it was exactly what I needed for my simple projects. Before the year 2012 ended, I made a list of some things that I’d like to accomplish, things that I have never been done so far and i would be benefiting in the long run. I can not mention all of them 😀 but I was just too glad I’ve finally started with some.
I have two skirt, one I was wearing but another one is currently under repair.

There were couple of jeans and pants from my two years of piling “on-sale” clothing that I never used for couple of reasons, it could be too long or a little too big.

In short, my basic sewing skills right now that I am so proud has been my biggest accomplishment from few months of being home (while waiting to be pregnant, did I mention that too?). But……………… I think I miss working and accomplishing things outside of my box so I am going to start hopefully in a couple of days to be in the workforce so I could stretch my brain and physique too.


Shine bright like a Diamond

Shine bright like a Diamond

I have tons of skirt in my closet that I love to pair with my “least to wear” tops. This white maxi skirt is one of my favorite. My husband got it from one of the small boutique in our local store. Actually, he suggested to try it on and I fell in love with it right away. I love that the style on the hips creates the illusion of a bigger bum 😉 and the bottom move like waves when you walk. This is perfect during sunny weather, casual-home/mall, or beach strolling.

Migraine – Stay Away!

Migraine is very common to a lot of people. It’s causes varies from every individual. I read an article from the internet (sorry I couldn’t find the website now), it said that one thing you can do to identify its cause  is to list down your habits or activities. Observe and list down for at least 2 to 4 weeks. This will give you the idea on what could trigger your migraine. How? Start noticing what you have done before you experienced migraine, observe how many times does it happen in a day/week/month. That way, it is easier for you to identify what was causing migraine. I’d say this is effective, at least in my case. But you have to consider how serious the case is and what type of migraine you have.

I listed my habit for 2 weeks and have come to realize what was causing my migraine except from the very famous causes listed in the definition of “migraine” from wikipedia.

Drinking coffee. I know this is a little weird because I heard before when someone told me to drink coffee when I have migraine because it could help you feel better. Well I guess not for me.

I am a coffee drinker of at least 2 cups a day and I drink more when I am at work. But I would basically start my day by drinking coffee and not having it seems like day hasn’t started yet. Sometimes my husband would have to turn on our coffee maker before going to work because he knew that will be my first stop in the morning. I don’t think I drink too much coffee (my Doctor said not to drink more than 4 cups) but it seems like when I have coffee for 3 consecutive days, the following day I would wake up with migraine. This happens in 2 weeks! I’ve learned from that and so what I did was the 4th day I would drink a glass of water instead of coffee right away. And that seems working for couple of months now except for some weeks when I really can’t help it.

There are times that taking Ibuprofen just doesn’t work so I decided to take note of other remedies I tried while suffering from migraine.

1. I’d go to my room, closed door and would play relaxing music, lights off, no other distractions, a glass of water to keep me dehydrated (sometimes you get headache because you are dehydrated), while massaging my head. This helps a lot.

2. Take a bath. I always have in our bathroom my favorite bath therapy with lavender scents and foam bath. While in the tub, This helps me relax and shift my focus on the smell of lavender instead of the pain. I would turn off the lights and lit candles as well and have my favorite spa/relaxing music playing in the background. This has been my most effective cure for migraine. By the way, it has to be hot bath and not warm. Take a bath for at least 30mins (min) to 1hour. After, drink a glass of orange juice, a fresh squeezed orange juice is the best.

3. Drink plenty of water. Sometimes, the headache that gets worse was actually a cause of dehydration. I have proven these after I had experienced not drinking enough water just because I did not wanted to drink the tap water at work (no soda). As I get used to not drinking much while at work, I always get headache more often before I realized that I wasn’t drinking enough liquid.

These are only my actual experiences and personal observation of my case. There is no assurance that this would be effective to everyone who has migraine.

Fun School Event

Fun School Event

My friend invited me tonight to watch her son’s school presentation for the Battle of the Paddle at St. Francis School. I thought it was super nice of her to think that she needed to look for an extra ticket since they found out that tickets were sold out in school. Thank God there was another parent who has an extra ticket to share. We met at 6pm at our common friends house and I hopped in her car going to the event. We stopped by at Starbucks to get some drinks and drove to school. When we arrived, there was a long line outside but we still need to wait for her friend for my ticket. I was a little embarrassed for causing the delay but it seems like everything went well, after couple of minutes of waiting I finally got my ticket and went in. It was my first time to watch such presentation in a school here in the US so I was very excited. It was an intense cheering from the parents waiting for the presentation until it all started. Everyone gets crazy including me. It was  so much fun. The freshmen were the first presenter followed by the Sophomore and Juniors and Seniors. I did my best to cheer for the seniors because obviously that’s where my friends son is. Everyone did a great job and seniors won first placer.
Thanks to my friend who remembered me to be in that event. I had a great evening and has learned about school events as well. It maybe a good start for me until I have my own student. 🙂

My ultimate love, singer Adele!

I wasn’t sleepy yet so I decided to go on web and started browsing whatever stuff that came to my mind. Until I decided to go on youtube and found out one of Adele’s interview video just for the sake of being addicted to her accent. And hell yes! This video made my day that I started bursting in tears while trying to control my giggles. I started laughing like hell! Oh my God, her laugh sounds so good! I just loved her more after watching this video.

It only reminded me of my husband, there were times when I laugh  and my husband would remind me that my LOL would break our doors and windows!  hahaha!

There’s nothing wrong in laughing like this, I’ll do it more often because it’s just hard to control it. Forget the classy character, I’d be more real. And that would freak out my husband. hahahaha!

DMV FAIL-Pink Friday

DMV FAIL-Pink Friday

My car’s registration has expired almost a month ago. We just forgot about it before we realized it’s too late. I went to DMV and fall in line and waited for my number to be called for almost an hour just to be told that I can not renew my car’s registration until I get a copy of emission recall from my car dealership. That like geeeeezz! wth moment but I tried to look i’m fine and that tomorrow is another day. Anyway, I definitely won’t drive my car this weekend since it is Friday today and we got to wait until Monday. My husband already made an appointment at the dealership for the certification blah blah and was told that it is one DMV new regulation that you have to have that certificate.
The bright side is….I had experienced going to the DMV for car registration and somehow learned about the process. Yay!
When stepped out of the office it was freaking HOTTTT given that it’s only 1st March, spring and not summer. I went to my car and checked that tenmperature is 73degreeF. Amazing. Thank God I went home safe. No cops. 🙂

Valentines 2013

Valentines 2013

February 2013
Valentines Day has always been special to me. Because at this day I celebrate one of my favorite color, RED. But in our house, it’s just one ordinary day just like yesterday. Not because it doesn’t mean anything to us, but because everyday is always like a Valentines day if you’re going to check based on definition of the occasion. 🙂 My husband brought a bouquet of flowers and a card which he always does even with no occasion except that this time, I got 10 kisses instead of 8. lol
Today, I am wearing my pretty top shirt with heart prints (Marshalls) paired with my favorite blue jeans (Penshoppe Phils) and my red suede shoes. My shoes is one of my great deals found from Kohls, I paid $9.99 for this! It’s not one of the fancy mancy brand but obviously is one well-made.

Fisherman’s Wharf, Monterey, CA

Fisherman's Wharf, Monterey, CAfish1

My sister-in-law, Claire, visited California for the first time. She is from the East Coast, New Jersey, which was by that time, of her visit was having snow storm. It was our pleasure to show her the beauty of our small county, Santa Cruz and so we did some trip to the neighborhood as well.
Monterey Bay is one of the most favorite destination once you’re in the west coast. It’s Fisherman’s Wharf is superb in displaying varieties of restaurants to try or maybe just to have a bowl of clam chowder that are available right on the spot, just a corner from where you’ve been taking picture. 🙂 The gorgeous weather was just enough for us to enjoy strolling while visiting the small shops. The sounds created by the seals nearby are just awesome to listen to while glancing at the blue water hoping there’s a shark that would jump out of water.

Monterey Bay has always been a good place to visit. There are wine tasting rooms across the Wharf that surely people would enjoy and some seats available to relax when you get tired.