I am sitting here at 1:28am, not ready to sleep.

WOW! it’s been a while since the last time I blog, ‘know I just stopped writing because of several relevant events in my life. Totally complicated that i don’t even know when and whom to turn to… but at least I can say that I am over it…(I believe)

It was such a long journey before I came here in the US. Yes, I am now officially married to a wonderful guy who never, in my entire life, I ever thought will gonna be “the husband”.
This is another big lift for me, to travel thousand miles away from the country I was born to finally be with the man I fell in love with.
All along when I was still dreaming of going to another country, it was all about money. I mean to have a job or spend my days with friends or family. That was always a dream…But you’ll see the difference. Now I am married, though my husband was just so supportive as to whatever I would want to do, it will be different. When I was planning of working abroad/applying for work abroad, I used to see myself as an earner and thrifting money for my other plans. I want to travel and visit different places in my own country/abroad….with close friends. with family…with someone that i know I would really enjoy spending time with. But I guess I did better than that, I found my everything. My husband. šŸ™‚


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