Trip to Las Vegas, Nevada

We went to Las Vegas for vacation after our wedding. its basically part of the plan not exactly to be in Vegas but just to spend vacation because the first choice is going to LA, Disney. But because we have saved some money from buying our wedding ring, we did something different.

Then Las Vegas trip was booked! I even get mad at him first because i was left alone downstairs and he was so busy facing the computer and not even telling me why he can’t be with me. he just say, “i’ll be there soon, ok” which i don’t really get.
Then he went down telling me that he just booked a travel goin to VEGAS. Of course i had the BIG BIG smile! i get excited about it, i just saw Vegas from Movies.

Here comes the day….
First, we left the house early goin to San Jose Airport. One thing that makes this trip possible is we have the nicest deal among the plan. But we have connecting flights! i don’t care anyway, as long as we could be there…:)) we travel from San Jose Airport going to Phoenix, Arizona then to McCarran International Airport.
we checked-in at the airport MGM Grand station and had a shuttle service goin to the hotel.

To make the story short coz here i am again feeling lazy telling the whole story…
what we did is just walked and walked and walked along the strip. We went to huge restos and bars at The Venetian, Caesars Palace, Mandalay Bay, The Bellagio, Eiffel Tower, The Mirage, and more.
We’ve watched several shows also like The Lion King at Mandalay Bay, The Blue Man Group at The Venetian, Love (the beattles) at the Hotel Mirage, Las Vegas Show at The Venetian, Phantom of the Opera at The Venetian…All of this shows were amazing! since this was my first time to watched a broadway show, i always get excited to watch what is next everyday. and every after show we would go to bar to have some drink and watched people around with all their different look. I even took picture of some of them. 🙂 I’ve seen a lot of advertisements about SEX FOR SALE. Indeed, its a sin city! people go crazy! people had their own world! group of people!
Slot machine made us go home with less money in our pocket. We spend less compare to CRAZY MILLIONAIREs who spend their million dollar wishing for their luck. Its unbelievable! You can’t even see the economic crisis that the world are talking about. Games are everywhere or i would rather say casino is everywhere! But also, the hotels and all of this things that they could offer are tremendously blinding everyone’s eyes! its truly amazing… we spent few days, 5 days to be exact. But it seems like we never had the chance to be well rested though we are inside of our room for sleep. It makes you feel like there’s more and people are still alive and not wanting to rest downstairs and you wanna join them! you can never feel the end of the day because the city is 24/7 alive! i am enough of Vegas.. it’s not an advisable place to live in. Good for few days i guess.

**my husband ordered online our Gold wedding bands before we left the house for this trip so when we arrived home the NEW white gold wedding ring is ready to pick up. 🙂 we had it!

time to go home,
i have some sort of problem encountered at the airport. during boarding time, (btw, we conclude this even before we left coz we had a mistake in making reservation for our plane ticket, i used my married name where in fact i haven’t had my ID with that name so that is questionable) the guy who checked my name on boarding pass noticed the difference in my passport and the name i had at the boarding pass. I tried to keep calm, but started thinking that i will be sent to my native country after joyful days in Vegas, i haven’t had my Marriage certificate copy. They put me on hold at the corner and wait for someone to verify the situation! and after few minutes, Thank God! they let me in!! yes, we went home by connecting flights..Las VEgas to LAX to San Jose.



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