First Driving Lesson

It’s August 11, 2011, i had my first driving lesson from the driving school I am in. So far, my instructor said I did it great today. Before we started, I assumed that were just gonna drive around the streets here near us but luckily we went through the high way going to the next town (not the busy street). I had accomplished 45 to 50mph on my first day and I can’t believe that I was able to do that and somehow felt comfortable. of course, my instructor was very attentive, thanks to his own break pedal under his seat. It was fun, but still I need to work on break so we don’t bang our head when I did it not-so-gently. also, the road line estimate not to occupy at least the next lane and alertness to oncoming traffic from parking lots.
We’ve been to 3 point U-turn lesson also and backing up which I think he made it advance (I’ll have another instructor on my next lesson) . U-turn is a bit easier than backing up but he said, that’s what everybody always find difficult. Practice is needed so better try it more often coz that’s one of the DMV exams most critical error an examinee has always failed.
It was pretty good. Better luck next time…:)


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