Driving Lesson is Over

My driving lesson ended last Friday. I am more confident and even felt better this time. I can now drive at freeway at 65 to 70mph. (70mph is illegal)…so that’s what I should be working on, to get familiar with the speed limit wherever I am driving. Sometimes I would went too fast, my trainer would even have to yell on me coz I even make a turn faster than what should I have done. Now I need more practice, needed someone to go with me everytime I need to go out for a drive while not having the professional driver’s license. But unfortunately my husband can’t sit beside me even once after the lessons coz he was too busy about work and don’t wanna bother him for now. Hoping that one of this days we would have the opportunity to go driving, maybe end of September or October I am ready to take the DMV Road Test. My husband want me to take more lessons with the driving school I am enrolled but I completely denied it because we’re just gonna waste our money paying them for just sitting behind me while giving me direction where in fact he could do it himself. Also, if I’ll gonna do that it would be like spending my 2days pay from work just for 2HOURS lesson with my trainer. Not a good idea though he’s paying it for me.
Life is expensive huh. I paid $289 for 6HOURS driving lesson (i mean my husband). $49 per hour for successive lessons, naaaahhh! >.<


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