Hula’s Island Grill And Tiki Room – Santa Cruz, CA

Hula's Island Grill And Tiki Room - Santa Cruz, CA

My husband and I’s favorite spot for a quick food trip is Hula’s Island Grill located in downtown Santa Cruz. A small restaurant that is 20minutes drive away from our little home. My husband’s passion for a tropical environment was enormous. The amazing music that will sooth you while enjoying the delicious food and the small talk with your company was just perfect. And this is what the restaurant has to offer to locals in the paradise of Santa Cruz. They have the Hawai’i atmosphere to feel and absorb plus the warm welcome and treatment from the staff. We just love it. Every once in a while we would visit this place for our favorite Hula’s burger, Teriyaki New York Steak and my husband’s Muay Thai and Margarita. They never fail in giving us the 5 star service that we always look for to every place we go to and as we gave back, a generous tip is always willing to wait.


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