DMV FAIL-Pink Friday

DMV FAIL-Pink Friday

My car’s registration has expired almost a month ago. We just forgot about it before we realized it’s too late. I went to DMV and fall in line and waited for my number to be called for almost an hour just to be told that I can not renew my car’s registration until I get a copy of emission recall from my car dealership. That like geeeeezz! wth moment but I tried to look i’m fine and that tomorrow is another day. Anyway, I definitely won’t drive my car this weekend since it is Friday today and we got to wait until Monday. My husband already made an appointment at the dealership for the certification blah blah and was told that it is one DMV new regulation that you have to have that certificate.
The bright side is….I had experienced going to the DMV for car registration and somehow learned about the process. Yay!
When stepped out of the office it was freaking HOTTTT given that it’s only 1st March, spring and not summer. I went to my car and checked that tenmperature is 73degreeF. Amazing. Thank God I went home safe. No cops. 🙂


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