My ultimate love, singer Adele!

My ultimate love, singer Adele!

I wasn’t sleepy yet so I decided to go on web and started browsing whatever stuff that came to my mind. Until I decided to go on youtube and found out one of Adele’s interview video just for the sake of being addicted to her accent. And hell yes! This video made my day that I started bursting in tears while trying to control my giggles. I started laughing like hell! Oh my God, her laugh sounds so good! I just loved her more after watching this video.

It only reminded me of my husband, there were times when I laugh  and my husband would remind me that my LOL would break our doors and windows!  hahaha!

There’s nothing wrong in laughing like this, I’ll do it more often because it’s just hard to control it. Forget the classy character, I’d be more real. And that would freak out my husband. hahahaha!


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