Fun School Event

Fun School Event

My friend invited me tonight to watch her son’s school presentation for the Battle of the Paddle at St. Francis School. I thought it was super nice of her to think that she needed to look for an extra ticket since they found out that tickets were sold out in school. Thank God there was another parent who has an extra ticket to share. We met at 6pm at our common friends house and I hopped in her car going to the event. We stopped by at Starbucks to get some drinks and drove to school. When we arrived, there was a long line outside but we still need to wait for her friend for my ticket. I was a little embarrassed for causing the delay but it seems like everything went well, after couple of minutes of waiting I finally got my ticket and went in. It was my first time to watch such presentation in a school here in the US so I was very excited. It was an intense cheering from the parents waiting for the presentation until it all started. Everyone gets crazy including me. It was  so much fun. The freshmen were the first presenter followed by the Sophomore and Juniors and Seniors. I did my best to cheer for the seniors because obviously that’s where my friends son is. Everyone did a great job and seniors won first placer.
Thanks to my friend who remembered me to be in that event. I had a great evening and has learned about school events as well. It maybe a good start for me until I have my own student. 🙂


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