Hola! Idle for months….

When was the last time I visited you? (talking to my blog)
well, when I say idle meaning “accomplished” things that I personally recognize as “great accomplishment”. I have been busy with my sewing projects…for couple of months I was soooo into it that I’ve been able to make 2 curtains at least for our living room that’s perfect for the spring and the coming summer. I made some pillow cases as well that I am so proud because my husband complimented my work that’s been made like a pro. 🙂
I bought a Brother sewing machine early in January from amazon that has one of the highest good reviews from the owners then I decided that it was exactly what I needed for my simple projects. Before the year 2012 ended, I made a list of some things that I’d like to accomplish, things that I have never been done so far and i would be benefiting in the long run. I can not mention all of them 😀 but I was just too glad I’ve finally started with some.
I have two skirt, one I was wearing but another one is currently under repair.

There were couple of jeans and pants from my two years of piling “on-sale” clothing that I never used for couple of reasons, it could be too long or a little too big.

In short, my basic sewing skills right now that I am so proud has been my biggest accomplishment from few months of being home (while waiting to be pregnant, did I mention that too?). But……………… I think I miss working and accomplishing things outside of my box so I am going to start hopefully in a couple of days to be in the workforce so I could stretch my brain and physique too.


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