Hi! Thank you for your time visiting my little cyber corner. I hope you find some interesting topic I have shared. These are collections of my stories from my day to day actions, with a little bit of everything under the sun, fun, fashion, travel, events, style, home.

I’m Ailene. My name spells a little different from everyone else, but I am 101% sure I am not the only one in there. 🙂 Happily married to a wonderful man that I ever dreamed of since I was little. Living in a wonderful world of a small county in California, surrounded with gorgeous flowers and trees and deers and wild turkeys. We have a little castle (small house) that is 5 minutes walk away from the Monterey Bay. I would call our small county/town a little paradise. Spring and summer season is the best time to visit. I live here.

Now an immigrant to the USA from the wonderful island of the Philippines.

Have fun reading. xoxo


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