Hola! Idle for months….

When was the last time I visited you? (talking to my blog)
well, when I say idle meaning “accomplished” things that I personally recognize as “great accomplishment”. I have been busy with my sewing projects…for couple of months I was soooo into it that I’ve been able to make 2 curtains at least for our living room that’s perfect for the spring and the coming summer. I made some pillow cases as well that I am so proud because my husband complimented my work that’s been made like a pro. 🙂
I bought a Brother sewing machine early in January from amazon that has one of the highest good reviews from the owners then I decided that it was exactly what I needed for my simple projects. Before the year 2012 ended, I made a list of some things that I’d like to accomplish, things that I have never been done so far and i would be benefiting in the long run. I can not mention all of them 😀 but I was just too glad I’ve finally started with some.
I have two skirt, one I was wearing but another one is currently under repair.

There were couple of jeans and pants from my two years of piling “on-sale” clothing that I never used for couple of reasons, it could be too long or a little too big.

In short, my basic sewing skills right now that I am so proud has been my biggest accomplishment from few months of being home (while waiting to be pregnant, did I mention that too?). But……………… I think I miss working and accomplishing things outside of my box so I am going to start hopefully in a couple of days to be in the workforce so I could stretch my brain and physique too.

Sista Monica at Los Gatos, CA

Sista Monica at Los Gatos, CA

Summer hotta’ event, Music in the Part, Los Gatos, CA
July 1, 2012
We had a blast listening/watching to Sista Monica mini concert at Los Gatos. It’s an all packed event that requires everyone to use chair while watching the show. But since we only have decided to come in last minute after we found out at a website, we did not know there are rules! (except its free) We did not bring a chair! but we have our beach blanket which is not allowed. So we just fold our blanket “butt size”and that we could sit while enjoying the show.
After more than an hour of great music, we decided to stand up and shake our butt to the tune of her music. Who cares if everyone is watching us! haha! We started dancing like no one is watching! It was so much fun.
Also, it was a learning experience maybe next time, we always have to make sure that we are prepared whenever we decided to come in a last minute event. Fascinated with the people and music, we went home thrilled and satisfied.