Migraine – Stay Away!

Migraine is very common to a lot of people. It’s causes varies from every individual. I read an article from the internet (sorry I couldn’t find the website now), it said that one thing you can do to identify its cause  is to list down your habits or activities. Observe and list down for at least 2 to 4 weeks. This will give you the idea on what could trigger your migraine. How? Start noticing what you have done before you experienced migraine, observe how many times does it happen in a day/week/month. That way, it is easier for you to identify what was causing migraine. I’d say this is effective, at least in my case. But you have to consider how serious the case is and what type of migraine you have.

I listed my habit for 2 weeks and have come to realize what was causing my migraine except from the very famous causes listed in the definition of “migraine” from wikipedia.

Drinking coffee. I know this is a little weird because I heard before when someone told me to drink coffee when I have migraine because it could help you feel better. Well I guess not for me.

I am a coffee drinker of at least 2 cups a day and I drink more when I am at work. But I would basically start my day by drinking coffee and not having it seems like day hasn’t started yet. Sometimes my husband would have to turn on our coffee maker before going to work because he knew that will be my first stop in the morning. I don’t think I drink too much coffee (my Doctor said not to drink more than 4 cups) but it seems like when I have coffee for 3 consecutive days, the following day I would wake up with migraine. This happens in 2 weeks! I’ve learned from that and so what I did was the 4th day I would drink a glass of water instead of coffee right away. And that seems working for couple of months now except for some weeks when I really can’t help it.

There are times that taking Ibuprofen just doesn’t work so I decided to take note of other remedies I tried while suffering from migraine.

1. I’d go to my room, closed door and would play relaxing music, lights off, no other distractions, a glass of water to keep me dehydrated (sometimes you get headache because you are dehydrated), while massaging my head. This helps a lot.

2. Take a bath. I always have in our bathroom my favorite bath therapy with lavender scents and foam bath. While in the tub, This helps me relax and shift my focus on the smell of lavender instead of the pain. I would turn off the lights and lit candles as well and have my favorite spa/relaxing music playing in the background. This has been my most effective cure for migraine. By the way, it has to be hot bath and not warm. Take a bath for at least 30mins (min) to 1hour. After, drink a glass of orange juice, a fresh squeezed orange juice is the best.

3. Drink plenty of water. Sometimes, the headache that gets worse was actually a cause of dehydration. I have proven these after I had experienced not drinking enough water just because I did not wanted to drink the tap water at work (no soda). As I get used to not drinking much while at work, I always get headache more often before I realized that I wasn’t drinking enough liquid.

These are only my actual experiences and personal observation of my case. There is no assurance that this would be effective to everyone who has migraine.

Fun at the Grocery Store

July 16 when me and my husband went for food shopping for our daily consumption also for his sister and niece visit the next day. We went to Nob Hill store that is quite near to our place after Capitola Mall. We did not bring a list of what to buy coz I don’t have any idea what they want so I let my husband get everything except from what we need for us which was already memorized.

We ended up having one big cart full of items that I am sure will just be good for few days. we would always say, what more if we have children. How many carts do we need to bring up into the counter? and laugh….”if we have the money for it”

The story is this, while at the counter waiting for all the items to be ring, we agreed to guess what will be the total of all this items. Then I guessed $400 first, then I changed to $300….but my husband said, “I would guess its $230” (without looking at the monitor huh) after few minutes of waiting, we were so so so surprised after looking at the monitor with the clear amount of what we have purchased, it was $230.18!!!! My husband won! and not just that! he guessed the exact amount without even calculating while we were picking out the items knowing that most of the time I would sneak out things that I needed.
It was just an extra-ordinary timing of a great guess! My husband was lucky I guess, or just a genius or I would consider an all-time spender! haha!

We had a good laugh at the counter with the cashier and bagger. 🙂

A Remarkable Dentist Experience

It was my 4th visit today (and thought was last) to the dentist for several treatments I needed after not giving attention to my dental health for very long years. Now, I would really wanted to be health conscious ever. I won’t mention my previous treatments coz basically they were just one of those normal stories every individual would’ve experienced in their dentist appointment. This time, Dr. Scott and Dr. Trang  told me at first that this is the most easy and quick treatment that will be done. I believe to them…well, I have had an idea about what will they do but still I have provided space for “some”sort of things to expect, Thank God. Everything was done successfully and easy as to the follow up of the previous treatment made. ‘Been lying for about 60 minutes already (the shortest huh, in my previous visits there’s one I was treated for 2 hours) so I think it was  good…But I felt the pain. Not literally pain but the sensitive part of my teeth is involved so that was a little hard which i wish won’t happen again.

Now the final thing is cleaning, thought it was as easy as to what I’ve had imagined but it’s not…Scott started on the very first tooth but I almost faint. Not because I got scared but my jaw was so tired (though they put this rubber thing on my mouth) and I really had felt the pinch on my gums. Scott asked me if I was ok then I said, I guess so…I can do it. It was just so funny that the last thing to do is what would make me give up compared to those drilling and extensive treatments in the previous (I consider. 🙂

I trusted my dentists so much and they were just so nice to me, to us! I would definitely recommend them to anyone who wanted treatment from a dentist. SERVICE was absolutely great but FEES are definitely HATE HATE! haha! I don’t wanna talk about it anyway. Don’t even wanna think of it.. geeezzz!

After the treatment, the lower right part of my mouth was still numb, I asked my husband to send me to the mall coz I wanna eat and the nearest is that Chinese resto, . But oh my gaaaaaaaaaaaaddddddddddd, while I was eating, thought it was the chicken I was biting until my husband notice that the inner part of my lip is bleeding! It was my MEAT! LOL! I was eating myself! 😛
Then I stopped eating. While at the car, I looked at mirror and found out my lip look. Terrible and I am sure will be sore for the whole week. 😦

When you can’t sleep…

It’s been 5 months already but I’ve been consistent in my sleeping habit. I stayed awake up until about 4am and woke up so late. My laptop (which my husband used to call it “my other boyfriend” was always there to stay with. What I would usually do was to open my Facebook account (not on chat) to glare at every once in a while.
Then Youtube was just amazing, my favorite songs and singers are always available but when I feel like i really need to convince myself  that it’s time to sleep, RICHARD CLAYDERMAN was the BEST. Sometimes it doesn’t work, HE could also make me EMO! 🙂

Now, I’m busy thinking how do I need to prepare myself in my coming endeavors in the outside world of my new environment. Exciting yet a little nervous but I know I can DO it.
I just really hope that my plan was  also what’s Gods will for me.

****I keep myself busy also in improving the look of this blog in a way that will suit its title and its content. I was happy with the result. It’s 1:19am here yet I’m still wide awake.