When you can’t sleep…

When you can’t sleep…

It’s been 5 months already but I’ve been consistent in my sleeping habit. I stayed awake up until about 4am and woke up so late. My laptop (which my husband used to call it “my other boyfriend” was always there to stay with. What I would usually do was to open my Facebook account (not on chat) to glare at every once in a while.
Then Youtube was just amazing, my favorite songs and singers are always available but when I feel like i really need to convince myself  that it’s time to sleep, RICHARD CLAYDERMAN was the BEST. Sometimes it doesn’t work, HE could also make me EMO! 🙂

Now, I’m busy thinking how do I need to prepare myself in my coming endeavors in the outside world of my new environment. Exciting yet a little nervous but I know I can DO it.
I just really hope that my plan was  also what’s Gods will for me.

****I keep myself busy also in improving the look of this blog in a way that will suit its title and its content. I was happy with the result. It’s 1:19am here yet I’m still wide awake.


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