Fun at the Grocery Store

July 16 when me and my husband went for food shopping for our daily consumption also for his sister and niece visit the next day. We went to Nob Hill store that is quite near to our place after Capitola Mall. We did not bring a list of what to buy coz I don’t have any idea what they want so I let my husband get everything except from what we need for us which was already memorized.

We ended up having one big cart full of items that I am sure will just be good for few days. we would always say, what more if we have children. How many carts do we need to bring up into the counter? and laugh….”if we have the money for it”

The story is this, while at the counter waiting for all the items to be ring, we agreed to guess what will be the total of all this items. Then I guessed $400 first, then I changed to $300….but my husband said, “I would guess its $230” (without looking at the monitor huh) after few minutes of waiting, we were so so so surprised after looking at the monitor with the clear amount of what we have purchased, it was $230.18!!!! My husband won! and not just that! he guessed the exact amount without even calculating while we were picking out the items knowing that most of the time I would sneak out things that I needed.
It was just an extra-ordinary timing of a great guess! My husband was lucky I guess, or just a genius or I would consider an all-time spender! haha!

We had a good laugh at the counter with the cashier and bagger. 🙂


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