First Job in the US

It was July 27 when I started with my first job here in the US. So far, I am enjoying it. There were lots of things to learn but people are helpful and nice. It kinda make things easier for me, to be comfortable talking to them using my hard-earned-englisg pronunciation. 🙂
While I was working in my new job, I got a call from another company to come for an interview which I did not go because I was scheduled to work in the day they want me to come and I wasn’t really sure if I want it.
Last Sunday, July 31st, I got another call from another company  to come for an orientation after my interview couple of days ago. They were the very first interview I had come before my current job but it took 2 weeks for them to decide so I decided to accept the second one.
So far, I believe I made the right choice. I’m getting enough hours and fair rate I guess.

Good Luck to me.


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